It was just a short year ago that the STRADA team concluded that there was definitely a need in the marketplace for a more fashion forward unique collection of high end clothes for both women and men with upscale fashion sense. They set out to create a line of clothes made from the finest fabrics, the highest quality and a collection that was versatile enough to fit in any category, from casual wear to business women line, which is also totally convenient for trendy upscale night clubs.

Introducing STRADA Fashion Wear, the collection hails from Turkey, known for some of the best fabrics in the world. Distinctive with its hand-sewn embroidery and accessories, STRADA reflects the delicate balance of style with practicality and design.

Becoming a shining star, STRADA quickly surfaced as one of the most elite collections available today in some of the world’s finest boutiques.

Each season the line continues to reflect the best of European influence mixed with the unparalleled style and fashion of New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

So, STRADA has everything you need to look always your best!




“Elite Yourself!”